Mar 29, 2009

Thing #1!

Kimberly gave me an award!!! Her last post was about it so that's why you couldn't click her link yesterday. Click on her now! She's a great mom and is super cool - we found each other by way of Nikki, who designed our blogs! Kimberly is a "green" mom and I've learned lots of really neat things from her - I always feel like I should be making a list for things to do, things to look for, things to research, things to buy, etc... for one day when I have my own children. She is always finding the neatest things. Did I mention that she has two adorable girls? Go check out her blog! I promise you'll learn something new and fun! Thank you Kimberly!

Ok, so I am supposed to write about 7 things that I love...

1) My family - I think that this is quite possibly everyone's #1 in the list of seven! There are a few things I wish I could change sometimes, but then I remember the Serenity prayer! ;) I most love my sister... I hate that we used to not be as close as we are now. I look back and feel really sad about it, but if it contributed to where we are now, then I'm okay with that.

2) Friends - Oh how I love you all! I've learned so much from each person and I love that everyone is from all walks of life. I love that I have friends that are peers and friends that are 60. I love having friends online, friends I've never even met face to face, yet friends who I've shared SO much with - new friends and old friends! I think my oldest online friends are from 2000 - almost 10 years!

3) Picnics on warm sunny days... although I often have a toss up between playing outside and staying in with the windows open, cleaning the house. Mmmm....

4) Nola. Do I really need to say more? :) My sister lived with me for almost six years before moving to Goldsboro to be with her now husband. When she left it was lonely, but I was okay. Then, I had six of my best Greenville friends leave too! One has since come back, but everyone else is still away... I was SO lonely! Enter: Nola Belle! Nola was actually named because "Enola" is alone spelled backwards. I hated "Enola" and it reminded me of Enola Gay so...

5) Luka Bleu and Finley, sweet, sweet kittens! (Luka is technically 'senior' but he'll always be a kitten...)

6) Hope Aid. I love it. Everything about it.


I am now passing this award to.... (drum roll please...)

1) Abbie
2) Jess
3) Jill
4) Sarah
5) Pam
6) Karlei
7) Emily
8) Ali
9) Debbie
10) Suz
11) Kristi
12) Evelyn
13) Opus #6
14) Jenn

I was SO excited, I couldn't pick just 7, so I decided to spread the love according to my excitement!


Abbie H. said...

I'm surprised Nola was in the number 4 spot!!!

I love opening the windows and cleaning on those fresh, cool, Spring days!!!

Great post and thanks for the tag!

Jill Foley said...

Thanks for the tag!

GinSpaghetti said...

Well...technically speaking she'd be in the #1 Family spot, right? :P I just thought she needed her own little section too!

Kimberly said...

Awww, thank you so much for the kind words! I am so thankful we have become friends. My admiration for you runs deep. Without you, I wouldn't know about HopeAid - an incredible organization. I hope we can continue to learn from each other and grow in our friendship!

Cheers, Kimberly

Suz said...

Aww thank you so much!! I am so excited- it's my first bloggy award!

Ali said...

Thanks so much, this is my first blog award! I am still working on my post, but I will be paying it forward =)

Domestic Goddess said...

Thanks for the more procrastinating, I will get it done today!

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You don't change the world by trying to change the world; you change the world by changing yourself.
-Gerry Straub