Mar 22, 2009

Last Week

I sorta fell off the blog planet after last Monday. I woke up SICK, sick on Tuesday. Oh it was the sicker than sick, sick. Just yuck. You name it, I had it. TMI? K, sorry.

I started feeling better late Wednesday but really wasn't feeling back to myself until Friday. David leaves on Tuesday. :( I'm still trying to convince him to stay until Wednesday... not sure how that will work.

Anyway... so last week...

Monday was documented pretty well I think... Tuesday consisted of well, I'll spare you. Wednesday I worked for a couple of hours but was still feeling bad so I came home earlier than I'd anticipated and spent the afternoon on the couch. Thursday was "normal," worked AM, came home at lunchtime and D and I spent the afternoon hiking. We'd planned to go to Goose Creek but decided after a nap that we didn't have time to go so we stayed local. Friday, we tried to have date night but someone didn't like the table we got so we ended up leaving the restaurant because they were too busy to move us.

Here are pics from the hike on Thursday. Most of the main trail was closed because of all the rain we got the week before, but we still managed to finish half of it and had a good time.

D's new sandals! I'd gotten them for him last summer for our trip to Guatemala, but we decided not to go and since last week was when we would have been in Huehuetenango, I thought I'd just give them to him now. They blistered his little pinky toe but he had them on really tight because I neglected to show him how to adjust them, oops! So now he'll have them for our trip to Uganda coming up in the next year or so! (More on this later!)

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Opus #6 said...

Sorry you were sick. The pics look like fun.

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