Mar 4, 2009

Chicken Little?

We've all heard the phrase, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling," but today I heard, "my hair is falling, my hair is falling!" I couldn't help myself... I'm still laughing!!! See, a couple months ago, I had a lesson on black hair. And I learned a lot!

My friend from work, K, changes her hair almost daily. But she's trying to give her hair a break so she had some other hair braided in (I am almost sure that's the correct way to explain the way her hair looks).... so she has micro braids (right?).

This morning she was in my office to pull up a video from American Idol last night. We were just discussing the fact that "Lil Round's" real name is Lilian Round and so she goes by "Lil Round" as a double name like "Mary Beth."

It was then when I heard, "my hair is falling, my hair is falling." I suppose I should offer a bit more background as to why this was as hilarious as it was... when I saw her hair this way on Monday we had a lengthy converation about how expensive it was, how much time it took, and then of course, the fact that I sorta wanted to cut one off. (Don't ask, they are braided really tightly and look sorta like velcro the way they're braided, sorry for the velcro analogy K!) She of course flipped out that I would want to cut them, but I was sure to specify that I'd only want to cut them off if they were on my head. Secretly, I sorta wanted to cut one off though. It just looks like they'd stick back on (I really do know that they wouldn't).

As it turned out the entire braid had come unbraided and so it wasn't just a few pieces of hair as we'd previously thought... I tried to help but wasn't allowed. I don't braid the right way. Hmmm.... I'm sensing a little hair snob here.

I only wish I could figure out a way to get pictures off of my phone because it really is priceless.


KC said...

Ginger Dail ima KILL you! if you post that pic... im never speaking to you again... BTW paula came and saved the day and braided it back in! LOL HA....

GinSpaghetti said...


brittanywest said...


Abbie H. said...

That sounds SO like something I would want to do. It's like for some reason something sticks in your mind that you just have to do for whatever weird reason. I'm sure she is appreciative of you refraining!

Your verification word is putric! lol

Abbie H. said...

okay, sorry one more. It showed the next verification word if I were to leave another message.


"Yeah, I'm getting ready for the big snotrali (pronounced snot rally) this weekend!"


GinSpaghetti said...

LOL Snotrali! I've gotten some interesting words before too... only it's funnier on a post about hair! Not sure about putric, lol

KC said...
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