Mar 23, 2009


We all remember the creatures... and for the record, I'd like you to know that I've moved on! Last week I decided to branch out and make a bag. I figured if I'm ever going to be able to sew my child's nursery one day, I'd better get my game on.

I've had a few people ask me to make one for them, so I think I am going to start selling them. I figured it would be a great way to make some money for Hope Aid projects. We have quite a few families waiting for income-generating projects so this would be a neat way to get some funds rolling in. I think for starters I'll sell them for $12-15 depending on the fabric. Most will be $12.

I'm going to see how a pocket would look on the inside; the current bags don't have a pocket. They also do not have a bottom. I can make a bottom but it takes much longer and I'd have to charge more than what I think the bag would be worth to add it. I used a thick interfacing (extra lining) so the bags are canvas-like and pretty durable.

So far, we've made a neat little list of uses. Some of my favorites: lunch sack, car tote for trips, Bible bag, couple of diapers/wipes/snack for dropping of basics at church nursery or Sunday school, travel tote for makeup...

I've picked out a ton of cute fabric to order so if anyone is up for a bag that benefits Hope Aid, let me know! They're not completely reversible but could certainly pass for reversible as there is only a small section of the lining that has been stitched on the outside, otherwise there are no seams. I've drafted my own pattern for the same bag but with two handles... I'm still perfecting it though. It's a work in progress and probably more than what I should be doing, but if I'm ever going to learn... :)

Ok without further ado, my bags!

I know, the birds are not the right direction... I only had a quarter of this fabric and wasn't sure if I could get a bag from it... I could. Well, sorta could - I'll probably have to keep this one!

What do you think?


Debbie said...

I think they are adorable and I sense a giveaway and an Etsy shop in your future.

pam said...

I think they are the cutest bags! Are they for groceries, or what were you thinking?

Domestic Goddess said...


I 2nd the Etsy shop motion, that is brilliant. Sign me up! I want at least 2 and then if you can do a "little girly" type one I will take one for Abby too, she would love that. Let me know what you have for fabric options, I REALLY like #1 & #3 in the pictures.

Jill Foley said...

I want one...they are so cute! I like the third one best.

Ali said...

Very cute! I just made a couple bags too, but they are just for groceries & shopping, not nearly as cute as yours!

GinSpaghetti said...

Thanks girls! You all are so encouraging :) Pam, no idea what I was thinking! Anything other than creatures really! lol I'm going to make a list of possible uses - I'll post it!

Jess, any specific fabric in mind? I'll have to see if I can send you the pics of the fabrics I am ordering!

Ali, did you make your own pattern or find one? I have a fold up pattern but I haven't tried it yet. I can't figure out how to make the pouch attach. I might have to scrap the pouch and just stick with the bag portion of it!

Jill, that is my favorite too!

Debbie, I like your thinking! My sister and D suggested that too. I might look into it! Most of the Etsy shops are so professional looking though! It's intimidating! I might try them out on the blog for a while first! Oh! A BAG BLOG! That might be a nice compromise!

~K~ said...

I love these and Gin you're so talented. I can't write anything new cause everyone ahs ocvered it; but these bags are great. And I will be the second in line to buy one (Britt will probably be the first)!

pippasmum said...

I would love to know if you are going to sell them because I would love to buy a few. They are so much fun and could be used so many ways!

Abbie H. said...


Elftea said...

I so want to make one. Oh I am going to get the dust of my machine now!!!

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