May 10, 2009

Recent Projects

This blanket was for Timothy the cat... he had a PU (warning, graphic link) and was very, very sick. We have a special spot for Mister Timothy because Finley had to have the same surgery back in 2007.
One of the girls at work got wind of all the quilts I was making... but I haven't had time to make another so I made this for Jackson. I'm hoping to have a little more time later to make a quilt though.
Bible bag for a long time, sweet friend of mine!

This was mom's mother's day gift... she spent the summer in Japan last year and when I saw this fabric I knew it'd be perfect for her bag!

This peacock fabric is one of my new favorites!!! I ordered it with a friend in mind, knowing she'd want a bag when she saw the bigger ones. :) I was very tempted to keep it for myself but I think I have enough for another... I LOVED the way it turned out! The colors are amazing and I love it with the stripes!


~K~ said...

You're right. I absolutely love my new peacock bag.

pippasmum said...

I love these, too. I especially like the pink one with the one wide strap.

Kalaya said...

Ooh those are gorgeous! You've got some talent. :)

GinSpaghetti said...

Thanks girls! It's been fun making them!

Kimberly said...

Ginger - the bags are getting prettier and prettier with each new creation! I see a new career in your future... :)

crystal.a said...

Ok this is totally random, but I found your blog through Kelly's room tour...
I absolutely love that bible bag! I need need need one!! Would you be willing to make me one??
If so please email me and we can work out the details!

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