May 10, 2009

More friends...

We had the door open the other day and in typical Nola fashion she lying in front of the door on look out. She'll normally bark if a person or car goes by that she doesn't know so when I looked up and saw her tail wagging I wasn't sure what to think. A few minutes later I took her out to potty and saw the cutest little bunny run from our door! He'd been right there! No wonder she was so excited! He sat on the sidewalk for a while but we scared him away as we were walking. I'm sure he'll be back... bunnies like our backyard.
While we were walking, we also saw this guy. He typically visits early in the morning so it was a little odd to see him late in the afternoon.

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Domestic Goddess said...

I'm impressed by the tail wagging and not trying to eat the bunny...what a good girl!!

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