May 10, 2009

Rock Band!

This guy has Rock Band... (we love Rock Band!)
We also love to ROCK. IT. OUT. Actually, we had a birthday bash for our friend last night.
This guy tries to live up to his son's mad guitar skill... he's not too bad ;)
Nola was all about it...

I went home with a headache from trying to read the words on the screen...
This was either Jimmy Eat World or a song about a wolf, or possibly Spirit in the Sky.

Nola loves playing with her "Uncle" Luke... she ended up leaving her signature Uncle Luke battle scar just under his eye. Sigh. She's such a tough girl.


Domestic Goddess said...

Ooooh! You SO need to move closer to the KC area. We LOVE Rock Band and don't have very many peeps who will sing so you could be the house singer! :) Love the pictures!

~K~ said...

I had a great time and was glad everyone came out to ROCK IT for my birthday. And I love the new purse! Thanks for making it. I know I pestered the heck out of you, but I really love it! It's perfect so now you can sell them. :)

Abbie H. said...

Okay, I've never played RockBand or Guitar Hero, but you and Jess are making it impossible to not want to try!

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