May 24, 2009

Big Girl Bed

My big girl has been slowly weaned from her crate. She had just gotten a new raspberry crate bed but we decided it was time for the crate to GO! She's been doing really well hanging in the bedroom during the day with the option of either crate or my bed (she's baby gated in the bedroom). Typically she's on my bed instead of in her crate so I decided to move the crate out.

I'd gotten this bed for the boys a few years ago at Sam's so Nola needed her mark on it. I had some fleece that I'd planned to make a blanket out of but opted to use it for her bed.
The new space!
So far, so good... we'll see how the week goes. She's still a little confused but I'm hoping it will go well. And now she has toys in there too because there's extra room.
I realize I should blog this on her blog but I'm lazy so, it's here. Deal with it. :P


pam said...

I think Nola is going to love it!

brittanywest said...

I love her new "N" FUN!!!! And her new berber bed looks so cozy.

Debbie said...

So nice! Love the monogram.

~NCKayakerchick said...

Really girl, are we not blogging anymore?!?!?

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