May 24, 2009

Nola's Crush on Milk Kirtley

Nola hasn't heard back from Teddy and I recently saw that he emailed another girl. He doesn't know what he's missing! And that's okay. Nola has had her eye on Milk Kirtley, a boy from our fellow RRUS friend. Oh that Milk is a handsome one... Look at her eyes, she's practically BEGGING him to love her back...

She can't understand why they haven't yet been able to play. She is SO intrigued by him!

Without further ado, please meet Milk. We're sure that although he was at a fun playdate with other dogs in this picture, he was surely thinking of Nola. That gorgeous pink tongue is all about some Nola.

Isn't he a beauty???

I think Milk is her #1 boy. Allyson... what do YOU think??? ;)
NOLA LOVES MILK. She's going public with her love. (Or mom is pimping her out... you decide.)


Anonymous said...

Milk says the he is returning Nola's affection! They do make wuite the adorable couple!!! Milk LOVES Nola! Hands off, Teddy!!!

brittanywest said...

what a handsome boy she snagged!

brittanywest said...

....funny how all the bedroom pictures have a clothes basket...guess you still like to keep your clean laundry in there for a few days...hahahaha

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