May 3, 2009

Dog Day at the Commons

Canine Crawl - 09 - finally! This event was supposed to have been last month but it was cancelled due to rain. We had a great day yesterday -- I helped my sister since she set up MAGDRL's booth this year. She volunteers for the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League and has been fostering dogs for a while... one of her former fosters, Raleigh, came to visit!

Britt and Titan get things started!
Raleigh! He had is eye removed due to severe glaucoma, but at 21-weeks old, he's as normal as normal puppy can be!

Noah, one of L and K's dogs... I love this picture, it's the poster pic that danes are great with young children!!
Samson and Raleigh, Samson's people are interested in adopting from MAGDRL. He won the biggest dog contest!

Nola and Titan sniff out the wagon of puppies, apparently there were six more and no, we didn't bring one home!


pam said...

What beautiful dogs! Looks like you had a great day.

Abbie H. said...

Great pics! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Makes me want to love on some danes!

pippasmum said...

My girls would have been in heaven (and probably barking their heads off!).

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous photos! Our Lulu Dog would have loved to join you all!

Ann said...

Oh Gin, how did you resist those puppies?! :->

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