Jan 3, 2010

Mmmm, my new obsession

Tonight, I made carrot soup. Oh so good!
I'd planned on making an alternate version, but I'm all about less is more so I opted for the short version - I did alter the recipe a little and added some salt/pepper/ginger to the other three ingredients - overall, it was delish!
Crackers didn't feel quite right so I heated up some not-so-homemade yeast rolls and slapped some honey butter on top. YUM.
I'm thinking of trying another version this weekend, and maybe a cauliflower soup too. I've been somewhat obsessed with allrecipes.com and myrecipes.com lately. Reading the comments is also helpful as people typically rate the recipe and offer their suggestions.
Anyone have good soup recipes?

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Elynor said...

www.epicurious.com is also another good recipe source.

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