Jan 24, 2010

Granddaddy's Jahms

We all have something that we remember most about people we know, people we love. For Granddaddy, I remember that he was almost always, famously rockin' out some pajamas. From when I was a little girl visiting in VA all the way up until recently - I see Granddaddy in pajamas. Of course he did actually get dressed every day, but he wasted no time changing into PJs - "jahms." I can see him in the kitchen cooking breakfast from back when I was seven just as clearly as I can see him sitting in his chair in the late afternoon watching National Geographic - in pajamas. I'm very much like him in that way - I waste no time changing into sweats or PJs and I jump at the chance to score a new pair on sale. (Top and bottom combos are always the best.)

Tonight, I am sitting on my couch, wrapped in a pair of Granddaddy's blue, striped pajamas. They smell like him, fresh out of his drawer. I wish he was still here - in his pajamas. Did you know that if you are still, you can see the tears in your eyes slowly roll to the edge of your lids like a wave, before they gently fall on your face? You can. I can see them, but I can smile at the same time because I know that Granddaddy is with Jesus wearing the most comfortable pajamas he's ever had.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely lovely post. and I'm sure your Granddaddy is looking down on you in those PJs with a big smile on his face (but hoping that the tears don't last too long).

Nellie Dee said...

OH, that was so sweet. And I heartily agree that there is nothing sweeter than to stay in my comfy cozies. In fact, I look forward to the days that I do not have to go out, so I can stay in them all day! Love your grandpa's jhams! How special that you have them.

Via said...

My grandpa wore the same jams. :) They are still in his room, but what I have of his is the jacket he would wear over it before going to bed. I snuggle up in it sometimes...I feel ya. It's especially cuddling due to the fact that he was a big-boned 6'4" man, and I'm a little 5'6" woman. Mmm. The comfort!

Jill Foley said...

Love this....I've had 3 grandparents pass away now, and I have something special from each one to remember them by.

Abbie H. said...

Such a sweet post! My grandfather wears PJs like those. I imagine that your grandfather is smiling down on you-wondering why your wanting to look like him! ha!

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