Feb 9, 2011

TIBS - Week 40

 Week 40
Being pregnant is still somewhat surreal to me, despite that I've had [gulp] nine months to get used to the idea.  You'd think that it would sink in to feel him moving, to stand in the nursery, to wash and fold his tiny clothes... I still think that in the coming weeks I'll look down at him and have to remind myself that he is my baby and I was pregnant.  Maybe when he's three I'll have come to terms with the fact.  Or perhaps in the first five minutes of holding him.

The last few weeks and days haven't been as crazy as I'd imagined them to be... I thought I'd be anxious and unable to think of anything other than being ready to have this baby.  Instead, I'm surprisingly calm and at peace just knowing that he will be here in the next couple of weeks.  Sure, sooner is better - so is smaller ;) - but for some reason, I'm simply at ease.  I'd had some trouble with my back aching in the afternoons and quickly learned that the garden tub is a fab solution.  I now have a routine date there for at least an hour at night - and bonus: it helps me sleep!

Tuesday, I had a ton of energy and got lots done.  Not nesting, think more just random things like deciding to take a walk and wanting to go here and there as if it were a Sunday afternoon of open houses in Arlington Village.  I can't think of a single thing that needs to be done before OP arrives.  We went to Trader Joe's and Sam's over the weekend to stock up on food and other necessities; picked up everyone's favorite cereal; Chandler finally packed a few things in his hospital bag; you name it, it's been done.

So far, total weight gain has stayed right at 30lbs give or take a couple.  I'm calling it at 30 for now - one appointment will have me a pound or two heavier and another will say I've lost a pound or two.  On average I'm right at 30.3 so I'm calling it at 30 - assuming that between this week and when he's out doesn't bring any sudden changes.


Suz said...

Good luck! And BTW I love that countdown board...it's sooo cute!

Also, you probably already know this but you are one of my favorite blogs! I gave you an award on my blog...

Emily Erin said...

Cheering for you from here-- I hear that today might be D-day? Yay!

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