Feb 25, 2011

Big Sister!

A lot of people have asked how my big girl is doing with Oliver... safe to say she's enjoying being the big sister!  When he cries, she'll run to him to see what's going on and she's always with me when he nurses.  It looks like she's a little jealous since she's in my lap, but she was actually afraid of something and I thought it was fun holding both my babies so I made Chandler take pictures each time! :)  I think in the picture of us on the bed she was just hanging out, but I can't be sure since she's afraid of her shadow.


pippasmum said...

Isn't it wonderful when the dog is happy with the baby? I remember being worried about it when we had Pippa and the dogs took to her right away. My Lucie, who is usually such a crazy bonehead, even seemed to sense that Pippa was something delicate and needed gentle love - it was so wonderful.
You look so natural and happy as a mama!

GinH said...

Thanks Sarah! I don't trust her with him by any means, but she's very tolerant and that's as much as l can ask from her. She's just so testy... she's done great though overall! lol @ Lucie being a 'crazy bonehead!!'

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