Feb 6, 2011

TIBS - Week 39

 Week 39
Late in posting, but week 39 nonetheless!  In two weeks we will for SURE have a baby!  Very exciting... today is actually the start of week 40 and still no itching or stretch marks - whoo hoo!  I really do swear by Palmer's Cocoa Butter: a giant dollop of thick creme at night; four pumps of regular in the morning.  If you're pregnant, do it.  It pays off.  I've never skipped - not once.  That said, I did buy a bathing suit at Sam's earlier this week that's a tank style just in case anything happens in the next ten days or so that might put a damper in my belly skin!  ...and because I doubt I'll want to wear my regular suits after having a baby just a few months earlier.  The best part, was that it was only $22!  I'd found some really cute ones online, but they were $60+ and I just wasn't feeling it...

Keeping our fingers crossed we won't have to do a week 41 post! :)


Nellie Dee said...

I am sooooo excited for you. Praying for everything to go quickly and safely. You are gonna be a great mommy.

Jill Foley said...

You look perfectly large. Now please stop blogging about being pregnant and start blogging about sweet Oliver
: )

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