Jun 20, 2010

Treasure at the dump

Before our curb side garbage can was delivered, we still took our trash to the dumpster at the apartment complex where Chandler used to live. While dropping it off a couple weeks ago, I found two little end tables stacked beside the dumpster and couldn't resist bringing them home.

We didn't necessarily need more furniture but these little tables had so much potential that I knew a coat of paint would make them really cute pieces to play with for a while.

Meet my $9 tables!
I decided to go with haystack yellow so we could use one upstairs in the guest room and one downstairs in the living room. I love that I only spent $9 in paint and if I decide I don't care for them anymore, I'll just pass them along to the local thrift store and let someone else enjoy them for a while. Until then, I'm enjoying the spunky color! Anyone else found fun things at the dumpster?


Jill Foley said...

Awesome find! I love the color... I've done that with many tables - painted them funky colors and then passed them on when I'm done with them.

brittanywest said...

LOVE them girl!!!!!!!!

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