Jun 22, 2010


I couldn't find pillows that I liked for the couch. Nor could I find a slipcover. We finally found a slipcover at Target, it's a creamy white and I don't love it that much. I never did find pillows. I did however, find the perfect color place mats at Pier1. So... I decided to get creative.

I ripped the seam, stuffed them full, and voila - perfect new pillows!

(Disregard what appears to be fluff on the couch, someone (not naming names) sniffed the camera and the lens has a smudge.)

What's the verdict? I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. $8 for place mats, $4 for stuffing = $12 total spent. Not too bad, and I think they look great - I tried to get a picture of the rug to show the colors but I was using my old camera. Oh yes, I said old... can't wait to share more news! ;)


brittanywest said...

ohhh...looks good! love the rug!

Suzanne said...

you put most people to shame. great job. love the rug and the pillows!

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