Jun 20, 2010


We checked out the local zoo on Friday - it is smaller than the one I'm used to in NC, but fun nonetheless. Giraffes are by far my most favorite animal (next to Nola of course!). They had a great giraffe exhibit.

It was SO weird how close the zoo was to a neighborhood! This is the elephant enclosure and you can clearly see houses just behind it! I cannot imagine the stink those poor people smell. That's also pretty intimidating too actually - there are two GIANT elephants who live in this... they were getting a bath when we were there so we only got to see them from inside glass and it was difficult because they were enjoying the water so much and stayed towards the side where the glass stopped.

Is that not the cutest little baby giraffe you've ever seen?!

This little guy's enclosure was so close to the public that I'm pretty sure if I wanted to try and touch him, and I was fast enough, I probably could have. I felt bad for him though because so many people were trying to wake him up and his sign clearly stated that he was nocturnal.
Overall, I wasn't too impressed by the zoo. A few of the animals, especially the Red Panda, seemed very agitated and generally unhappy. The enclosures were small and not well separated from visitors. I typically enjoy zoos, but after visiting this one, I really appreciate how awesome our zoo is back home in NC.

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brittanywest said...

that makes me really sad for the animals. :-( how depressed they must be

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