Apr 15, 2010


Do you recognize his hottness? Rob Thomas. Sigh. I like him a lot. Do you too? Beauty at it's finest. Ok, ok... but he really is hot!

Why am I randomly writing about him??? My friend Jennifer bolted into my office a couple days ago with news that she'd won tickets to see him - HERE - today! Typically we have to drive at least an hour to go to concerts, but this was a promo and only ~100 people could go - she was one! AHHH!!! No fair! I can say that because she has a habit of stripping down the people she sees in concert. I don't do that. Granted Jessica Simpson is the only person I've seen in concert (don't laugh, I wasn't allowed to see NKOTB when I was younger and Shawn Mullins might not technically count since he sort of fizzled out, so I took a friend's daughter and we saw JS a few years ago - and had a blast I might add) - but still, I wouldn't strip him, promise!

I'm excited to get the scoop tomorrow! So far, all I know is no one was allowed out to go to the bathroom once they were in the concert room. Hmm... I'd have probably peed my pants when he came out, ha!

Remember when I made this quilt? Wow, it's already been a year!!! Well, THIS is sweet Miley - finally! :) Jennifer's Apple, in all her adorable cuteness:

Baby fever anyone?! She really is the cutest!!! Maybe me and Rob Chandler will have cute babies too one day!


jenh said...

I LOVE IT! I have never stripped any one down. But, I did fight a man for trying to take Ll Cool J's tank top from me! LOL

aimymichelle said...

oh my goodness that baby is so cute

Nellie Dee said...

Adorable baby....Looks like an older picture of Rob.

Jenn said...

What a sweet little girl!

Hope you had fun at the Ultimate Blog Party! I know its over but I'm still partying and visiting some new blogs! :)

Jenni ("Miss Tutu")
My UBP blog post: How to Make a Tutu blog - hope you will stop by, say hi, and grab a free tutu making lesson! :) and Mom Blogger $100 Cash Contest

Andrea said...

How sweet!
I am your newest follower:-)

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