Apr 13, 2010

Circus Puppy - LIVE!

One morning last week my big girl was WILD at 7am and it was so random that I stopped getting ready for a while to play with her. She was being so funny that I decided to take advantage of her early morning flip out.

Hoop jumping!!! (Arms, hoop...same thing!)

This is HUGE for her because we had to quit agility due to her fear of going through the hoops. She is really fast and can jump high so I was really bummed that we had to stop - now I'm thinking about trying it again because she can clearly do it - and she loves it!

She is the BEST circus puppy EVER!

(Did anyone else watch the Duggars tonight? I hope Josie can come home soon - she's been in the hospital for months!)


aimymichelle said...

that is super cute!

brittanywest said...

awww! she IS a circus puppy! :-)

i don't like the duggars...why do they keep popping out kids??? its like an intact cat that keeps having kittens....sorry just my opinion.

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