Apr 5, 2010

Pages of my journal

I've been meaning to post this for a while and finally got around to uploading pictures. Several months ago, I read about Ann Voskamp's gratitude community and loved the idea. It has been such an experience for me to reflect on things I am thankful for each day. I've actually stretched it to include things that just mean a lot to me as well.
Do you journal? This would be a great addition to your pages. I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I actually don't necessarily make myself write each day and rather write when I have something on my mind or that I want to remember. I started my One Thousand Gifts in October and I'm up to 403. Some days I have one or two things and other days I have two pages full!

The journal I use is from 1998! I didn't start writing in it until around 2003 though. I'd originally gotten it for a trip and then ended up using another one. I don't know why but I didn't use it much because the first part spans four years from 2003-2007 and then picks back up in 2009 when I started writing again. It was fun to look back!

(I can't take credit for the above image, it's from a t-shirt that I've always loved and decided to draw it out rather than buying the shirt!) I usually have my book (I don't really call it a journal!) with me and pull it out at the most random moments! I also have quiet time at night too though. Colored pencils in hand!

I'd love to know what you write about. The pages of my journal have so many things: memorable dates, prayers, notes from scripture, lists of books to read, song lyrics, doodles, quotes, goals for the future, encouraging prose; I've also taped sweet email snippets from Chandler, photographs and other memorabilia ... pray in color!
My journal is from Barnes and Noble. I love it so much I have a few blank ones I bought several years ago in case they stopped making them. Thankfully, they didn't and can be found right here.


brittanywest said...

looks like fun girl! wish i had the time to stop and think...would probably be a good thing to get all my many thoughts out on paper.

Anonymous said...

Your journal is absolutely inspiring. Love the brightness and the optimism that radiates off the pages. You are getting me to pick back up my journal today. Seriously, thank you for this... I am really excited as of now to start again.


Hannah Katy

Nellie Dee said...

Thanks for sharing from your journal. I have journalled for most of my life since a little girl. I love to "try" to draw and have finally come into a method that works well for me. I write every day.
It is encouraging to re-read and always gives me a lift when I need it the most - to see what God's been teaching me (since I don't always remember), but also to see all the things He's helped me with.

Keep it up.

"Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it, but I'm afraid God would ask me the same question."
You don't change the world by trying to change the world; you change the world by changing yourself.
-Gerry Straub