Mar 21, 2010

Et cetera

Chicks & Rabbits: best. candy. ever. ... but only the yellow and blue ones. For some reason, the orange ones don't taste the same. Maybe I have a complex with orange, not sure. Seriously though, these are soooo good! I think it was completely random how I came to enjoy them so but my sister and I both go nuts over them. I found some cheap at CVS this weekend and couldn't wait to snack away...
...Finley couldn't either! I caught him with his paw IN THE BAG and then he ran off with a rabbit! ...least it was an orange one... (and no, I didn't let him eat it).
We are starting to make a lot of progress on wedding related projects - one of which will involve pictures from the past. Here are some favorites!

We also made a stop by Goodwill on Saturday and I picked up three of the ugliest frames you've ever seen, we spray painted them metallic champagne and they don't actually look too bad! I think we'll have to spray another coat to make it even but overall - I'm pretty pleased with it. We went to Walmart to find plain white kitchen towels so I could make these:

...but somehow got lost - it was an out of town Walmart that neither of us had been to, but we were both familiar with the town so it shouldn't have been difficult AT ALL. There was construction on one of the main roads so we had to detour a few times... the GPS led us to a neighborhood and said Walmart was on the left. It was HILARIOUS!
After almost TWO hours, we finally were headed out of Walmart with plenty of white towels (yay!), some sack cloth (don't ask ;)), thread, and a can of spray paint. While in line at the check out, I saw cans of silly spray for $1.47 and decided to send Chandler away to look at some bullatin board while I stashed some spray in our pile of loot. This afternoon while I was spray painting the frames, I opened the silly spray and got him - it was SO funny! I wish I'd had my camera.
Several people who were outside actually stopped what they were doing because I can only assume they had seen us painting and then saw me spray him while he was yelling and flailing about like a crazy man! It was absolutely hysterical!
We had gorgeous weather here, 79 on Saturday and 70s again today... tomorrow is an ice cream party at work, SO much fun! I cannot believe it's almost April!

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brittanywest said...

SOOO wish I could have been there to see the silly spray! ROFL!!!!!!!
I went to my CVS last chicks and rabbits. :-(
I am very saddened by this.

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-Gerry Straub