Feb 26, 2010

I wish we were friends in real life...

A facebook friend asked for a link to Malaika, after I posted it I couldn't help but watch more videos... Wombo Lombo is another favorite - thanks to one of my BFFs, Essi!

...and while I'm at it: Naima. Naima is her daughter, she wrote this song for her - so sweet!

Another good one, this video isn't great but it's funny at the beginning.

Can you tell I have this album? This is the song that made me love her.

I wish we were friends in real life. How much fun would that be?! I do know Georgeo Okudi. I have his cell. Don't believe me? Come over, we'll call him!

George won a KORA award for this song:

(KORA awards are similar to the Grammys!)

Here's another, you'll have to adjust the sound as it's not great.

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