Feb 14, 2010

In which a snowman tries to eat her...

We are finally back home after a loooooong drive...
We only got an inch or so of snow in VA this weekend, but back home got about 6" - we started to see snow about 40 miles outside of the city.
My girl loves snow so you can imagine how psyched she was to find several inches still on the ground. Unfortunately for her, I didn't think to put her booties on since we were out for such a short time, but when we got inside I noticed some blood on her paw and then realized that all four of her paws were inflamed and bleeding. I feel horrible... poor Bells.
The neighbors made a really cute little snowman, but Nola wouldn't get within about 3 feet of it. She was convinced it would eat her whole.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

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Meghann & Matt said...

I love the video! Poor Nola! She's so friggin cute! Love & miss you!!

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