Aug 5, 2009

JAGged Edge

A looooooong, long time ago I mentioned a few things that I couldn't talk about yet. NOW is the time! Some of you may have already seen the news from Jess or Abbie's blog but for others, this is "BRAND NEW INFORMATION!" (Phoebe)
A couple of my superbly (it's a word today) awesome webesties and I have been chatting for months about our craft endeavors... we thought that it would be way cool to have a place where we could write about our crafts, sell things, get some input, etc... and after a few weeks of slaving away on ideas JAGged Edge was born!
We are PUMPED about the "opening" of our blog/shoppe and hope you'll stop by to visit us there! I feel SO privilaged to even be associated with these two girls! They have the best ideas and are truly BRILLIANT!!! I have had SO much fun hanging out with them online and I just know that JAGged Edge will be a hit. (What are you waiting for?! Go check it out already!)
We've already posted a few things and we're open to ideas, suggestions, requests, you name it!
See you at JAG!

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