Aug 25, 2009

Please help.

Without going into detail, I'm asking for your suggestions, expertise...

Girls, what do your husbands/boyfriends/partners do to make you feel:




Linda said...

Washes the dishes, vacuums, cooks dinner, let's me vent without trying to 'fix' whatever's bugging me, massages my feet, stuck by me and helped me when I broke my arm, my kneecap and while I was being treated for cancer. Sometimes it's just about being here. And the knowledge that even if he doesn't always get it right, he means to. Oh, and he's quick to forgive my imperfections.

Kimberlee Johnson said...

He smiles at me with his eyes, the smile that lets me know he's head over heals. He tells me he loves me, he includes me in his plans, and he seeks out my opinions and weighs my thoughts in his decisions. He tells me I'm beautiful, smart, pretty, and gets googly-eyed. He brings me a small present, like a chocolate bar he knows I likes. He listens to my concerns when my feelings have been hurt, understands my point of view, and apologizes or works with me for a plan so we don't hurt each other in the future. I think the talking and listening are what I like the best. That's what really let's me know I'm important to him, that I matter, that what I think matters!

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