Aug 19, 2011

Rosie, Daisy (Thor) & Friday

We have a deer family that lives across the street.  Normally there are eight, but lately we've only seen a female and two babies.  Last week, we got to 'meet' the two babies!  We named them Rosie and Daisy (Thor).  Rosie got her name because we found her munching on our knockoff knockout roses and we thought Daisy was a nice sister name.  We call Daisy 'Daisy Thor' just in case she's a he.  Their names are also interchangeable since they are identical twin deer for all concerned purposes.
 This is Rosie (Daisy(Thor)) caught in action.  What's funny is that I'd looked at the roses thinking that I needed to cut them back some, yet they looked sort of okay at the same time.  I knew it'd been a while since I last trimmed them up, but they just didn't look right.  When we saw Rosie (Daisy(Thor)) munching on them, it all made sense.  Chandler said he thought I'd just done a really bad job trimming them!  It was so funny.  Right after I took this picture, she (he) saw me move the curtain and high tailed it back across the street.
 I've had a horrible cold this week and didn't want to get out of bed this morning.  I finally got up around 8:30 and jumped in the shower, hoping that would help me feel better.  (It didn't really.)
 Today was definitely one of those days I wished I knew someone up here to come help me with Oliver. Even an hour would have been SO nice.  Heck, I'd take a 20 minute nap and be happy.  Sigh. 
 I decided I just didn't have the energy to play like we normally do on Friday mornings, so I pulled out an old quilt and laid on the floor while Oliver played with a rather large assortment of toys.
 Since he's not completely mobile yet, I was secretly hoping I would drift into one of those semi-conscious sleeps for a few minutes, but it didn't happen (so stop freaking mom, I don't even want to hear it).  Nola came to join in on the fun, which provided some amusement from Rover.
 He has a thing for Clifford.  I think it's because he knows he has the coolest red dog of all.  He is all about some Nola girl!  Nola and Clifford are by far two of his most favorites.
(I finally feel a little better... all the smoke up here doesn't help though!  The wildfire smoke (6,000+ acres, it's ~5-10 sky miles from us) has been so thick at times that highways have closed and the air quality is code purple.  Zero visibility, it's just been awful this week!)

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B. said...

You've got the most smiley son! He's so cute! Wish I was closer, I'd definitely volunteer as a sitter ^_^

Hope you are feeling much better, btw!

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