Aug 31, 2011

Ollie's Molly

I'd like to introduce you to Molly - isn't she beautiful?!  We kind of love her around here.  So much in fact, that Oliver would like to formally announce his intention to make her his forever girl.  I've known Molly's mom (and dad) for seven/eight years (really?!  has it been that long??) and they're good people so we're comfortable with Oliver's decision.  Wedding invitations to follow... ;)
Ollie & Molly 4ever

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B. said...

SO cute! They are adorable. Your son is just ridiculously cute, girl! You should definitely get him in commercials or something!

Also, a little story - my mom had my baby sister 4 months after her friend had a son. We have a bunch of pics of them together as babies and basically prearranged a wedding for them as infants (like Ollie and Molly). Even though they go to different schools and have different they're both 12-years old and have teenager crushes on each other ^_^

Hold out hope for Ollie and's possible!!!!

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