Aug 7, 2011

In honor of...

World Breastfeeding Week...
(and because I told a friend I'd post this!)... I share with you my nurse-in-public-with-your-boob-hanging-out-yet-no-one-sees tool - also known as an Ergo.  I don't actually love my Ergo.  It's big; it's wide; and did I mention big?  It's just not my favorite.  I like it for nursing though because Oliver is still small enough to sink down into it and there's plenty of room inside.  Technically, I should be using an insert since it's not quite 15lbs, but I don't.  I used to use an Eeyore stuffed animal, but that thing is just hot!  When we have to run errands during a not entirely convenient time, I keep the Ergo on hand in case my boy needs a snack.  With a button down or open top shirt, I can easily pop one out and continue with my biz and no one has a clue what's going on.  I'm pretty sure I can do this with my Gemini too since the top (they call it a head rest) will flip up and further hide what's going on inside.

What more can I say about breastfeeding?  My initial thoughts were that it hurt and it was boring.  My mother gasps at that.  Let's just say that during the first couple (few) weeks, I totally understand why some people stop.  Oliver would nurse for hours.  I would seriously nurse the child for an entire day and that was all I accomplished.  To say he was attached is an understatement.  My husband would argue that he is still attached and I wouldn't be able to argue. :)  The boy likes his juice.

I could go on and on about nursing.  There are things I haven't written about that I'd love to share, but I really just wanted to post the picture I promised and then realized I didn't write about breastfeeding week... I did want to share though that when Oliver was sick, he wasn't nursing as well and part of that I realize now was me.  I knew that whatever he took in was going to come back up and I felt like why bother when he wasn't getting anything out of it.  Well... for supply purposes for one.  My supply dropped a little after that.  It's back to normal now, but in the week following him being sick I worked hard to get my supply back up to what it was.  I nursed as much as we could, pumped some here and there, ate oatmeal, drank tons of water, you name it.  I even had Chandler (sweet, sweet Chandler!) run all over the place looking for fenugreek.  He came home with fenugreek, blessed thistle and mother's milk tea.  THAT my friends is love! :)

Anyway... it was a little scary to think that my supply dropped and I might have to find another way to feed my child.  I realized that I took nursing for granted and I also realized how special it was.  Now when O nurses, I take time to cherish the moment (shout out Jess!) because one day, when he's ready - he will no longer choose to nurse.  Happy world breastfeeding week - all two hours and 15 minutes that's left over here on the east coast! :)


pippasmum said...

Breastfeeding is such a mixed thing... I loved the long feeding sessions since they were the only time I seemed to get to read. When the babes got more efficient and the sessions got shorter, it actually felt like more of an inconvenience. I don't know whether I told you but when Iain was sick when he was a few months old, I was told to nurse every 20 to 30 minutes... that way, he didn't get a whole lot at one feeding and it seemed to work in terms of his keeping it down and it helped my supply stay up. Supply issues can be scary, especially if you are committed to not using formula.
I'll be curious to see whether you like the Ergo better when he is older. With Pippa, I used it and loved it (and I love it with Iain when we hike with dogs). The first time round, I HATED the ring sling and with Iain, I use it and love it. I don't know how much of it is mama and how much is baby but I find it interesting how much different my preferences are this time round.

Brittany said...

Breastfeeding G has been one of the things I am most proud of. It was so challenging at first, and now I look forward to each nursing session. So much love and cuddling :) Thank you for all your encouragement. I know only a couple people that breastfeed so reading your posts have been very supportive and really mean a lot to me.

Jill Foley said...

It will also suck the life out of your breasts and when all your babies are done, you will be left with little limp things that droop off your chest!

I'm glad I was able to do it with both my girls, and I'd do it all over again if I had another one.

GinH said...

Sarah, I had to search out books to read because no one told me I'd be stuck nursing for such a long time. Now, I'm sure to let my soon-to-be nursing friends know so they can prepare a book list! :)

Britt, I really should write all of my thoughts. Oliver had tongue tie and that made things a little rough at first. I debated writing it initially b/c it's considered controversial, but since it's been almost 6 months, I feel more comfortable writing about it.

Jill, you always make me laugh!! My mom nursed her babies for a long time so I'm already prepared for the sag... in her slowing metabolism though, hers have regained some plumpness. I can say that because she never reads the comments!!! :)

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