Jul 3, 2011

Oliver & Henry

Oliver's buddy Henry came to visit!!!

They had SO much fun together!  This was right after their bath.
Oliver was a little upset it was time for bed because he knew Henry was leaving the next day.  Henry was so sweet and told him it was okay because they would see each other again soon.

 We did a tour of a guided missile destroyer, the USS Arleigh Burke.  It was really neat - the boys LOVED it!  Oliver fell asleep as we walked on board, and Henry kept his sweet baby eyes out of the sun most of the time.  If that isn't exciting display, I don't know what is.  Actually - the ship was really fun to see.  They had small tents set up and a sailor at each one telling passersby different pieces of boat trivia (Chandler is having a cow over my terminology I'm sure).  So we're all sort of close, but often at different stations and a few of us ended up at the same one.  At this particular one the sailor is standing beside a really big gun (Chan says it's a machine gun) and it's attached to the ship.  I was actually looking forward to learning about this spot since they do pirate trials in our area and that's kinda big here.

We're just standing there waiting for the guy to turn around and he completely ignored us.  All of the sailors were super nice so this guy was a major jerk in comparison.  We just kind of looked at each other.  Chan came over after a couple minutes and asked what we were doing.  Someone indicated that we wanted to learn about the big gun.  Chan laughed and said that the guy was on duty and couldn't even acknowledge us.  HA!  It was so funny!  We guessed he had a tent just for people like us who needed shade b/c apparently he normally wouldn't have the luxury of a tent (it was SO hot on board).

There were also two sailors that were circling the ship.  It's their job to do that and I still can't stop thinking about how dizzy they must get.  They had to have circled more than 20 times in the small hour we were there.  
After all the boating fun, the boys took a dip in the pool.

Henry is three and a half months older than Oliver - they had a big time playing this morning.

Bye Henry!  Thanks for coming to see us - we can't wait to see you again!!!


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brittanydailwest said...

aww!! Sweet boys! Looks like they had fun!! :-)

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