Jun 29, 2011

Completely Random Photos/Captions

I love free stuff.  I'm just now getting to the point that I will turn down free stuff when I know I can't use it, but in the past, I would still take it.  You know, 'cuz it was free.  When I worked at the med school I would get shamefully excited when our drug reps came.  When I completed the diabetes fellowship, I won't admit to how many reps I'd befriended and whose leftover free stuff I got to take back to my office (for patients of course).  

My point: I decided to use a free code to get a photo book from Shutterfly.  I've used other codes with other companies, but never from Shutterfly - shocking since they do it so often.  Have you ever ordered a Shutterfly book?  It's amazing!  I looove it!  It doesn't even compare to some others I have.  The book above contains mostly photos of Oliver's birth with a few belly pics and before-baby prep sprinkled in here and there.  I didn't write a lot, but wanted an album to put things for him to have one day (should he ever have the strength to pry it away from me).  Bottom line - if you find a code for a free book, do it.  It's totally worth it.  I added 16 pages to mine (20 came free) so with shipping I still spent ~$20, but it was well worth it.  Next time, I'll try to stay within the limits of the code.

When I was still pregnant, I'd sit in Oliver's nursery with the closet door open and it was so surreal to look around and imagine that there would be a little boy sleeping in there.  I would sit in his glider for the longest time and just think about him.  What he would look like, what colors I'd like him to wear, what stories would be his favorite, what toys he'd prefer... He hasn't slept in his room yet, but I love taking him in there to play. 

When it's cool there's no humidity at night, we tend to migrate outside and hang in the backyard until it's time for bath/showers.  Oliver loves being outside and we enjoy watching our neighbors ride their bikes, walk the dog, take family strolls.

The 'rents came to visit this past weekend and we went to the library one afternoon.  It was SO nice to have Nonny there to entertain Oliver while I picked books.  Normally I am in a rush and we end up taking half the books back because they're too long or just not good.  We ended up with about 30 and so far they are all good!

First time at the pool!  (Actually, this was his second time. We'd be the day before too, but he only got in the baby pool b/c I didn't have my bathing suit on - so this is his first time in the big pool.)  He enjoyed it, but he has more fun in the bathtub.  His buddy Henry is coming to visit this weekend and I'm really excited about taking them to the pool to splash, but I have a feeling they'll be happier just hanging in the bathtub where they can splash a little more.  

Post-pool walk home.

WHY does my 4-month old look like a little boy already?!  I know, I know... I could put him in more baby-ish outfits, but he looks like such a pansy in some.  Seriously.  I put this really cute little alligator outfit on him and me and Chan both laughed (that's right, didn't say Chan and I)... he looked ridiculous.  I feel like with girls, the clothes stay the same until tween age when it has potential to get a little out of control. With boys, their clothes change drastically.  You can't get away with the same things at 4 that you could at 2.  Even now, when he was 2 months old he could totally rock the alligator outfit.  Now, it's cutting it close.  Maybe it's me.  I'm just so used to putting him in shorts and tshirts.  I love it on him.  He sports it well.  Part of me feels like I have the rest of his childhood life to put him in shorts and I need to pick the baby-ish outfits now, but I just can't bring myself to do it.  Why do I get the feeling that comments on this post will refer to this section?!  :)

Giraffe riding didn't go so well, so we tried Nola.  I'd say 'poor girl,' but she was indifferent.  We've been so careful with her, giving her LOTS of attention, since Oliver has been here, that she's been over the moon.  Silly dog.  (Gasp, I've referred to her as an animal and called her a dog.  No worries, the love is the same as before child.)


Jill Foley said...

Love this post - my comment is going to be about the library - good for you! You mentioned once about not going because the books are used by so many people....

GinH said...

Jill - I know! I still think library books are germy, but I wash my hands after we read them. I do love the library, I always have. The books just give me the creeps sometimes :)

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