Nov 11, 2009

Very cool celebrity...

It's us! Check it out!

How very, very cool is that? We really love the Days folks... now we really feel like family!

We also had a GREAT experience with Danielle at Brilliant Earth...

Our current love affair however, is with Leah - she works in Virginia and has exercised extreme patience with us. Did I mention that we emailed her to just to ask if a photo on their website was real? Yeah.... we did. And then we had some back and forth chat about it - it was after 10pm... she's that awesome. And she STILL talks to us -- actually, she's answered a TON of our questions, so we really do like her lots.

It's pouring rain here... my day has consisted of making soup and apple pie and watching The Proposal and Bride Wars. I didn't much care for Bride Wars... Proposal was very cute. Watch it! Now, date with Beth Moore.

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Anonymous said...

Such celebrities, that is awesome! I love that picture.

How much did you love The Proposal??? It was so much better than I expected and her chanting scene around the fire is BY FAR my very favorite movie scene EVER! Her singing and dancing had me crying, loved it.

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