Oct 30, 2009


The last week has been a complete whirlwind.
@ Work: DHHS (Dept. of Health & Human Services) sent letters out with statements like "the state budget situation... daunting budgetary outlook... reductions come just prior to the end of X partnership with X... bad fiscal news... limited available funding..."
@ Chandler: offer on his condo, accept offer, close on 28th... phone call on 23rd saying party cannot buy, appt made with atty the same day, $500 spent... 26th, deal still off. 26th, deal back on... closing was 28th - finally. It happened.
Chan [finally] starts his VA job on the 23rd of November! We are TOTALLY psyched!!! After sleeping on cardboard for a while in between when the movers brought ALL of his things to NC and when he closed on his place and now hotel hopping - he's ready to not be homeless! Can't say I blame him. We've been in heavy discussion about our options. On the one hand, he is ready for a new home. A bed. A place to park his car. On the other hand, we don't know anything about the area with regard to residential living. We don't want to rush into a decision because we have to; we're hoping to wait a little while and learn more about where we want to be. There are SO many things to consider.... it's overwhelming.
My thoughts are everywhere.
Anyone have relocation advice? Tips?
Current game plan is for him to find a cheap apartment or long stay suite for a month or two... I'm planning to drive up on weekends so we can get comfortable and familiar with places and start meeting people (???). Hopefully by January we'll be able to narrow it down and really start looking for a house.


Jill Foley said...

Well, since I've relocated 11 times in 13 years I might have a bit of advice...6 of those relocations were to states unknown to me at the time of the move.

We bought houses in 3 of the states and are so happy we are renting here so we can really get to know the area.

Things we take in to consideration when we relocate:
1)Distance from work (I would rather have Kevin home with us than sitting in traffic or commuting a long distance)

2)Convenience to things that are important to us (church, library, nature)

3)Safety of surrounding area

4)We prefer space, not houses right on top of each other...but we don't want to be too isolated from civilization

5)Remember, if it's not working for you...you can always move : )

Where will you be in VA? I lived in VA for 5 years and my brother still lives there...depending on where you end up, I might have some contacts for you.

- B said...

Whew! Sounds like a whirlwind to me. I also feel like I've been through a whirlwind after reading most of your blog and realizing I've missed SOOOO MUCH! Congrats on all the new and exciting steps in your life!! I'm sad I missed out on so much but glad we are able to connect again through the blogosphere. By the way, where in VA are you guys moving? I love it here in NoVA, but I used to live in Hampton Roads and know about Richmond too. Let me know and I could lend a some insight and assistance!

GinSpaghetti said...

Hey B! I'll get up w/ you on Fb! :)

brittanywest said...

here's some advice....DON'T MOVE girl! :-(

Debbie said...

That is exciting to think about looking for a house! Keep us posted.

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