Nov 15, 2009

Just a little wedding update...

A color tease...
I used to know exactly what colors I wanted: plum and raspberry; but when we decided May would be the month, the colors seemed a bit too deep summer/early fall. Every other combination I played with wasn't right... turquoise and orange, yellow and pink, green and blue... everything seemed ALL wrong for early Spring. Finally, someone asked me what colors I wore a lot. Easy: pink, peach, mango. So that settled it. What an easy way to make a decision... and perfect colors for early Spring! Official colors are light pink and peach. (My sister seems to have a hard time with this and says pink and orange, which could be true, only very light orange would be more correct.) We'll have splashes of green and white polka dot to mix up the color a little... Think vintage chic meets urban traveler. Make sense? I didn't think so... :) Nothing's new!

A couple weeks ago, our AWESOME photographer B-Dub Diddy came over to design our 'save the date' cards -- Nola was utterly and totally psyched to see her!

...she even brought fun toys!!! Check it:
We picked out some pictures, talked about fonts, listened to Twilight soundtrack, got distracted, talked about everything under the sun, and she peaced out right before Halloween festivities kicked off in full swing... Fast forward two weeks (three?) and our cards arrived in the mail. They are AWESOME!!! THANKS B-DUB DIDDY YO!!!!!
Otherwise, just doing some reading... having some dates with Beth Moore (we've been discussing Daniel).


Via said...

We're getting hitched in May as well :) We didn't really pick summer-y colors, but picked them to match my fiance's air force uniform. Which is just as well, since I would never have been able to pick colors anyway! What date are you all getting married?

Jill Foley said...

so basically the colors of your blog background? very cool!

don't 10 years you'll wonder why you ever chose those colors! We all do....I chose forest green in 96! So nineties!!

Isn't the Daniel study great?!?! What else are you reading? I'm reading "Praise Habit" by David Crowder.

Meredith said...

You make me smile Gin D...and you have an awesome photographer. kisses to Nola girl.

- a Britt sister

brittanywest said...

it IS pink and orange

GinSpaghetti said...

You girls ALL make me laugh! Jill, yes colors of my background! :) I think I'd just settled on them when I saw that "paper" and then it HAD to be on the blog!

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