Apr 29, 2013

Color Me Rad

Sunday morning we got up early to run in the Color Me Rad 5k up on the peninsula.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  We met up with friends and had a blast.  Oliver slept through most of it - he was an angry toddler when he realized the rain cover was not optional.  We bought the $40 cover thinking it might be a good idea and it ended up being essential.  Poor guy went to sleep and woke up with a green mama!
 If you ever do a Color Me Rad, know that it doesn't matter what heat you sign up for - when you get there you can pretty much line up at any race call and have at it.  Also know that if you're a serious runner, this isn't likely the race for you unless you're in the front of the line in the first heat.  Chandler left us in the color dust and we stayed with a friend - it was hard to run, especially with the stroller, because so many people were walking.  I ran over one person (oops!) and another person told me to slow down (no joke).  Who says that when you're in a race???  It was fine b/c it was all for fun, but still slightly annoying too.  I almost didn't wear a white shirt, but SO glad I did - definitely worth it.  We will be doing this race again for sure.  There's another one next weekend (sold out) and a Color Vibe in July (too hot), but if The Color Run comes in the fall, we'll be signing up!
Rain cover = trashed.  Boy = sleeping (and relatively clueless).


Joye Wonder said...

Oh fun! I love seeing people's pictures that go to these things. Yours are great of course! And what a SMART little "protection container" (what is that thing?) for little man ^_^

GinH said...

It's just the rain cover for the stroller ;) Have you done one? Totally should, so much fun!!!

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