Mar 5, 2013


I don't really know where the last few months have gone... I blinked and it's almost Spring.

Until I can get motivated to write some things about O being 2 (!!!), I thought I'd post a few pictures that are on the downstairs computer.  I've been slow at posting because my hard drive was full so I couldn't dump and sort my pictures.  We finally bought a new one and I was able to dump 4,000+ pictures to sort and now my excuse is that I have no time to sort.  Instead of going back through, I'll probably just start fresh with the exception of birthday photos! :)
Birthday boy the morning of his actual birthday!

Ready for some warm Spring weather, but until then winter isn't keeping us inside.

Birthday boy at his NC party.

Cutest EVER!!!!

(from November, voting day!)

(another from November, playing with a friend's Pamir - my most favorite Pamir to date!)

(from October, in MD for Henry's 2nd birthday!)

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-Gerry Straub