Mar 23, 2012

13 Months!

Oliver is 13 months and 13 days old!!!
I actually uploaded pictures the day before he was 13 months and well, life happened, so13 days later I'm just now filling in the gaps. :)  
He is BUSY!  
Height: no idea, probably a little taller than last month so maybe 29" 
Weight: 20lbs at least (I haven't weighed him actually so this is a guess.)
Teeth: 8  (molars are coming though, you can see them beneath his gums)
Says: Mama, Dada, NayNay for Nola, Bye Bye, Hi
Shakes his head side to side, but this doesn't necessarily mean 'no.'
(We try not to use the word 'no' so he doesn't get stuck on saying it to everything...)

I have WAY more pictures on my phone than I took on my camera.  I need to upload phone pics soon!  The overall theme for 13 months is BUSY!  He is into just about everything and is fast.

He was sick, sick, sick for an entire week with a fever of 102.  Tylenol would bring it down, but it would spike back up after a few hours.  Most of these days, it was a struggle getting much of anything done when he was awake, including getting his diaper changed!  These pictures equally make me laugh and make me sad.  He was so pitiful.  He nursed when he was awake and would sleep about seven hours during the day.  He was a sick, sick boy!  Chandler took these pictures because we couldn't stop laughing at how latched he was this day.  He would seriously not unlatch to get his diaper changed so this is how it was done.  Haha!

(sick baby in these two pictures)

Molars coming in...
Food: breakfast is normally yogurt and cherrios (sometimes fruit, nutrigrain bars, pancakes), lunch is still not consistent.  If he gets lunch, it is small and he doesn't eat a lot.  Dinner is whatever we are having.  So far the only food he's not wild about is broccoli and I think it's the way it feels in his hand because he'll eat it if I feed it to him.  

Nursing: he nurses five or more times/day and is quite the little acrobat.  Still hasn't bitten me but will test how much pressure he can use at times.  Some of my most favorite moments with him are when he's nursing and he stops to just look up and say 'mama' in his sweet little voice.  Melt. My. Heart.

Clothes: He's finally in his age size for clothing.  He has a few 6-12 month sizes an a couple 9 month sizes, but for the most part he's in 12 month or 12-18 month sizes.  His 3.5 size shoes still fit as do his 6-12m soft shoes that he primarily wears.  

Cat chasing.  A new hobby.
Where's Waldo -----> Where's Oliver.

I have so many things I need to blog so I can come back and read through them later... things like, 
....he used to pat with his whole hand, now he rests his hand in one place and pats with his fingers.  (It's the sweetest.)  ...he kisses with a big, wide open mouth.  ...he is super giggly in the morning.  ...he says 'Hi' really southern!  ...slightly velco'ed to his mama (love).  ...gets excited when Daddy comes home from work.  ...loves pulling cat tails.  ...Nola makes him laugh like no one can.

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