Jan 11, 2012

11 Months!

Oliver is 11 months!!!
Weight: 18.5 lbs officially (dr appt for a cough last week)
Height: 27.5" officially
Teeth: 5 completely and two half way, another is just behind those two

Diapers: Had trouble with sizing our FuzziBunz this month.  It's the first time I've changed them really and it has not been fun!  Lots of leakage around here folks.  I think we've got it now.  We're still doing a mix of cloth and disposable and in those he's still in a size 3.  He may always be a size 3!

Clothes: He still has a couple pair of 3-6m Gymboree pants and a few 3-6m shirts from there too but for the most part he's in 9m and 12m shirts.  His shoe size is 3.5 infant.

 (His hair has grown SO much in the last few weeks, it's over his ears - I keep it tucked behind them.)

What he's up to...
-When he's tired of something or is generally displeased he shakes his head.  It's so funny because neither of us have taught this to him! 
-Likewise, he will also swipe things away that he's done playing with or that he perceives as in his way.  I have a laser pointer that Nola likes to chase and if you put it on Oliver's leg he tries to wipe it off - it is so funny!  
-He loves wheels - anything with wheels.  When we're changing his diaper in the back of the car he has a fit to reach over and play with the stroller wheels.  Any new truck or play vehicle he gets has its wheels inspected before he will do anything else with it, good wheels are a must.  I've become a pro at hunting for toys that have independent wheels.
-Nola is still a highlight for him.  I took a video of the two of them playing the other day and he was watching it with me and laughed so hard - it's really cute.  She could be growling and he'd think it was hilarious.  Speaking of which, we had some issues with her that started when she was two and she basically turned into a gator, but Oliver seems to have calmed her down quite a bit for some reason.  He's good therapy for her and I often find her sleeping in his nursery during his naps.  Sweetness!
More wheels!

-He nurses several times/day.  It varies day to day, but he nurses at least five times each day with some comfort nursing in between.  He is eating a big meal of solids at night and a meal of solids sometime in the morning hours.  Today it was closer to noon when he ate.  It varies day to day.  He eats anything we give him and really doesn't dislike anything so far.  He continues to eat table food and not really any puree foods.  Last night he ate two snack packs of cinnamon applesauce.  Steamed broccoli is hit or miss.
 -He enjoys jumping.  
-He dances when he hears music.  We didn't teach him this either - it's really neat to see what he comes up with on his own.
-He can clap!  He clapped for the first time tonight on January 10th, at 11 months exactly, in the bathtub. I'd been showing him clapping for a week or so on and off - so proud!  We're working on where his nose/tummy/toes are... he thinks it's funny when you point to his nose.  It's so funny that I'm so enthralled with these little things.  When I would babysit and parents would flip out that their child could do these things I had the mentality of, 'Duh, all kids do that.'  Having my own, I get it.  So sorry dear parents!  I think it takes having your own to understand how fun and neat it is to see your child learn something you taught them.  
-He naps an hour or so in the mornings and three hours in the afternoon.  Solid naps.  The morning nap occurs after he's been up for about two hours so usually between 8:30 and 9:00 AM.  Some days he'll sleep til 11 or 11:30 if I let him.  His afternoon nap is around 12:30/1:00 and he's up around 4 PM.  
-Just today he stood by himself for several seconds.  He's done this a handful of times but today Tuesday was the longest!  
-He says mama and dada well.  He doesn't quite get bye-bye although he can say it.  I think it's coincidence that it's a word.  We think he's beginning to associate mama with me.  Mama is currently his favorite word. Sometimes he'll say what sounds like, 'Mama, my mama.'  Melt. my. heart.  Dada was his favorite word for a while.  Often he'll say what sounds like 'Dad' - so cute!
-He is really into cause and effect. He knows his Kindermusik eggs are shakers and he goes for them and immediately shakes them.  He knows that the tempo sticks are for hitting together.  He got a ball thing for Christmas and you put the balls in the hole and they roll down and around the toy... he isn't strong enough to push the balls down so we showed him how to put the ball on the angled part and he picked it up immediately to do it.  He is fascinated with this task.
Overall, he is really coming into his own person this month.  Last month is still my least favorite month.  I'm just being honest.  This month is one of my favorites.  He is so incredibly silly.  He loves to laugh and play games.  Some of my favorite time with him is when he nurses.  Sometimes he'll just lay there and I'll tickle him and he just just so sweet!  He loves to smile and is always on the go.  

Hello 11 months!



Brittany said...

What do you think of the amber necklace? Love the lil guy's hair!

GinH said...

We love it! I ordered one for me because I thought it was cute (mine is the butter colored one) and I'd had a really bad (what I thought, but turned out not to be, pleurisy) pain over my ribs - after a couple of days wearing my necklace I could tell a big difference. Could be coincidence, but I'm sold. He wears it almost all of the time.

Jill Foley said...

You probably don't want to hear this but he's really starting to look like a boy and less like a baby. He's such a cutie! I love all these pictures.

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