Oct 9, 2011

Fun at the farm!

We have had the busiest weekend!  It started at 3:01 AM Friday when I got up to order a new phone.  Later that morning, we had Nola's  a fence installed and headed to Home Depot where I scored a chandelier for $17.25.  Exciting stuff.  As we were leaving Home Depot, there was a huge pile of pumpkins and I decided we had to get some pictures.  By 'we' I mean me and Oliver because apparently Chandler is too cool to take pictures in front of Home Depot.  A sweet older couple stopped to dote on Rover and told me about a farm that wasn't far from our house.  Saturday morning we went and had so much fun!

 It was mainly a pumpkin patch with hayrides and a produce stand, but there were also a couple of goats, peacocks, a pen full of chickens (and one rooster named Henry who was an oopsie in their chicken order!) and a very loud, but entertaining goose.

 Rover was more interested in the hay bale than anything else and I got zero good pictures after he discovered them.  

This will definitely be an annual place to go if we're still here.  We left with a 51 cent pumpkin and a handful of pictures. :)

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Anonymous said...

love, love, love all the pictures - so fun!

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