Sep 17, 2012

19 Months!

Oliver is 19 Months!

(Since I just updated with months 17/18, not a lot has changed...)
In brief......
-Height: ~30.5"
-Weight: 22 lbs
-Teeth: 16 (I think 2-year molars are in the early stages of moving.)
-Shoe size: 5
-Clothing size: Mostly 12 and 18m.  He has a few 24m but pants are still 12m for a perfect fit.  He wore 18m pants today and they were rolled up.
-Diapers: bumGenius 4.0s and Elementals, size 4 in disposable
-Words: SO MANY!
-Food: He used to eat everything, now he's hit or miss.  He nurses 4-5x/day.
-Naps: 9-11 AM and 2-4 PM.  Every now and then he'll wake up late and won't take a morning nap.  I've learned that if he's up by 6:30 he'll take a morning nap, but if he's up after 7:00 then he won't take a morning nap and will go down earlier for his afternoon nap.

-He talks all the time.  
-He knows basic shapes (circle, star, oval, square, rectangle, diamond, octagon, heart).
-He knows numbers 1-10 with the exception of 6 and 7.  He thinks 6s are 9s.  Understandable.  We're working on that.  He knows how many fingers we hold up with one hand.  Haven't moved to two yet.
-He knows some colors (blue, pink, yellow, red).  If he doesn't know the color, it's always yellow. For some reason he struggles with colors. 
-When he's ready to eat, he needs food quick.  Nursing included.
-He LOVES things with wheels.  Cars.  Trucks.  Tractors.  Airplanes.
-When he hears an airplane he immediately points up and says with a really deep monotone voice, 'Airplane!' (ae-pwane!).
-He still smiles all the time and charms just about everyone when we're out and about.

I'm probably missing a lot - I really should keep better notes.  He is sooo much fun!  I cut his hair recently and he looks really big.  Like a toddler.  That happened a few months ago, but now he really looks the part.  He's still pretty small overall though.  

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