Sep 19, 2011


 Can you see them???  In the last couple of days, they've come up even more.  Slowly, they are coming all the way through.  On August 29th, I saw two slits in the bottom of his gums.  Ugh.  He'd had a runny nose and I thought it was either a cold or possibly teeth.  Deep down, I'd hoped he wouldn't get teeth until closer to 12 months.  Biting scares me to death and I want him to stay a baby forever.  I have no problem admitting that out loud.  Sue me.  I also want to be pregnant with him again.  Not with another baby.  And I want to be in the hospital having him again.  Yes, I do.  I want him to be pink and wrinkly and tiny and new.  Forever.  You could be right if you think I would change my mind one day, but right now, I want my baby to stay just that.
 Someone at work recently said that most people want their first child to do everything soon (i.e. crawl, talk, eat, walk, etc...) and then the second child is the one they want to keep small.  Not me.  I want Oliver to stay tiny. He'll always be my baby, sure.  But I want him to be just that.  A baby forever.  I really, really do.  Tell me I don't all day long, but you're wrong.  WRONG!
(Mom, typing in all caps means you are yelling.  I yelled that.)

Should I mention that I watched videos of him when he was tiny earlier tonight?  I did.  I cried.  He is so big now!  Look at these teeth!!  TWO teeth!  I'd say it happened over night, but it's been three weeks. :)
 Three weeks of less sleep than the regression we were already challenged with... three weeks of trying to find a new routine through the discomfort.  (We didn't find it by the way.)  Three weeks and he's taken to pacis.  Ones with handles to be exact.  Just today he actually figured out how to keep it in his mouth.  He mostly just chews on it and holds it like it's forever friend (...but it won't be.  Boobs are his forever friend... have you met this child?  For real.).
Actually, I've been meaning to chat about his necklace so since I'm posting about his teeth... I'd read about Baltic amber and its healing properties and how necklaces made from the amber can help reduce pain from teething.  I was really skeptical, but ended up ordering one because I really didn't want to have to use medicine.  Aside from obvious discomfort at night, I really didn't, and still don't notice Oliver being in pain from his teeth.  So I kind of doubted that the necklace did much.  

I decided to order one for myself.  I didn't blog about it, but a couple weeks ago I had a horrible pain in my ribs.  It was so bad and so sudden that I thought I may have pleurisy.  I'd been coughing from a cold for weeks and didn't want to chance anything so I went to the doctor.  Xrays showed nothing so they said it was a muscle.  It was horrible pain and hurt to breathe even.  Anyway... after wearing my necklace for just two days, I noticed a huge difference.  I am convinced that Baltic amber works.  How it's helped Oliver is still questionable, but I do believe that it has healing properties and I'm glad I got his necklace.  We both wear it every day and take it off for bath/shower and at bedtime.  

And another thing... I'm not one to take herbs and when I have in the past, they didn't really work, (Except peppermint oil for tension headaches, breathe it in deeply and headache is gone for 20 minutes!) but a month or so ago Chandler drove all over Virginia on a Sunday morning trying to find I bought Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle (and Mother's Milk Tea) to boost my milk supply after Oliver was sick.  After just a week I noticed a difference and now swear by using that combination.  Initially the tea was a little ick, but after a little sugar (ok, a whole spoonful), it was really good.

So.... in a nut shell.... my baby disappeared and has been replaced by a giant child with teeth.  I kid.  He's actually quite small for his age.  BabyCenter has him ranked in the 10th percentile.  I like him small.  It means he can wear the same clothes he wore five months ago.  They were big on him then.  They are not quite too small now, but are pushing it.  

Teeth.  TEETH!


Mommy S said...

I use the Blessed Thistle / Fenugreek / Mother's Milk Tea combo also. It, along with Reglan, is how I'm able to still BF. Seriously, my supply had plummeted. I was just putting splenda in my tea, then one day at work decided to add a little honey. yummm. THEN I added some non-flavored coffee creamer one day. Even more yummm. So, if just sugar gets blah, try those too. I now look forward to my tea.

Oh, and TEETH! They do hurt. Abigail doesn't bite often, and initially she would cry when I startle her with a very loud OWWW! each time she bit me. She bit so hard once that I swear I saw stars, like in a cartoon, and my nipple hurt for a week. I pray you don't have the same experience, but most likely you'll feel it at least once. There's nothing to prepare you for it, and afterwards, you are a little hesitant to offer that same breast again. *sigh* I miss my itty bitty wrinkly baby too. I love who she's become and she is so fun and funny, but I miss the little baby. And, I too, miss being pregnant with her. If you find a way to rewind, make sure you share it with me :)

Brittany said...

I know what you mean. I want to do it all over again with THIS baby. Stop growing little ones! So glad to hear all your teething and milk advice. I'm so nervous about teeth! Oliver has the most adorable smile!

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