May 18, 2011

Day in the Life - Tuesday

I did this last year and it was a lot of fun.  A couple of friends recently did it and I was reminded of the fun.  Here's our Tuesday (and yes, it's taken me until now to get it posted!)

8am - Chandler leaves for work (like our fancy 70's sheet we keep on the bed for the animals?)

9am - Me and the kids (speaking grammar is used 'round these parts) move downstairs for breakfast.
9:30am - Rover plays. 

10am - We run to Babies R Us to pick up the final part of a baby gift for a friend.  I didn't get a picture in the store because I forgot my camera.

11am - Chan comes home for lunch; Oliver dangles his dingle and airs his bottom in the warm sun.

11:30am - I work on meal planning for the next couple of weeks.

12:15pm - Rover settles for an afternoon nap...
...and I pull out my work for the afternoon.

12:20pm - I quickly run upstairs to put our comforter cover in the dryer.  Someone unknowingly sprayed it with a tiny fountain while dangling the dingle earlier in the day (scroll back up to 8am)...
...I also realize the diaper pail is full so I toss those in the wash while I'm upstairs.

 2pm - After working for a while I keep thinking of things that I need to do so I finally make a list.  I love lists.  I love lists with check boxes even more.  I don't hesitate to draw lines through the same items, even though I've already checked the box.  It makes me happy.

2:40pm - Someone wakes up.  I'm none too pleased, we walk around the block...
...didn't work.  It would have had there been more time, but 15 minutes was all I had so I resorted to Veggie Tales.  I get back to work and notice he's back asleep.

4pm - Still working.

7pm - More playtime - for both kids.

 8pm - We all hang out on the couch to watch Biggest Loser.

8:30p - I was talking to a friend around 6pm (hence the lack of a photo) who mentioned having to make cookies for work the following day.  This conversation turned into how to get around making cookies from scratch and then led to cake balls, which reminded me that I had cake mix.  We had cake while we watched Biggest Loser. 

9pm - Hanging out.

 9:30pm - I decide we need a family picture...
...and because someone was still going strong, more playtime.

 10:30pm - Time for bed.
Good night!


Jill Foley said...

This is great! I love the picture where Oliver is smiling!!

and the breakfast picture - great!

brittanydailwest said...

omg, love him!!!! looks like baby finley was having play time too! :P

Anonymous said...

These posts are my favorite, so fun! I love how Nola and Finley are in almost all the shots, and Finley is randomly hiding out in a few - so funny! It's amazing how our animals can squeeze their way into any picture. I really feel better knowing that you eat cake while watching the Biggest Loser, we had icecream the other night. LOL! O is growing so fast - make it stop, if only they could be babies forever!

PS - sorry for comment overload. As you can tell I am catching up on my reader. :)

GinH said...

I love these too - I think I may do it more often just to have some documentation for when I print my blog. We always end up eating junk when BL is on! Ha - I had over 800 posts unread once, it was awful! I hate marking them all read so it takes forever to get on top of things again. Although sometimes I'll read posts from people I know and then mark read on the other ones. (The horror, lol)

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