Mar 4, 2011

THREE weeks!

 Oliver turned 3 weeks old yesterday... why did that have to happen?!  I was good with 2 weeks, but 3?! That just means that 4 is coming soon and that means he'll be one MONTH.  What happened to February?  Why did he have to be born in the SHORTEST month of the year?!  Sigh.

He is SO, SO big now!  We weighed him last night and he was right at 8lbs.  Holy fat rolls batman!  His newborn clothes are snug and the 0-3m clothes are too big.  Too bad it's not warmer so he could go solo diaper for a while.  I suppose I could crank up the heat and stay upstairs all day...
Wait!  We already do that... 


Jill Foley said...

Remember how pregnancy seemed to drag? Well, now you will witness how time flies! My babies are 4 and 6 YEARS old!!! How did that happen?

He is precious - I love the first picture.

pippasmum said...

Oh, he is gorgeous!!! And the time will pass so quickly - sometimes, I just wish that there was a pause button that I could push to savour a few of these special moments. Enjoy!

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