Dec 22, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

Moving forward:

We have some house activity! I drove by last week and asked the guys if I could take their picture. They agreed, then asked if I would take another so they could pose, ha!
Across the street from us:
Houses behind us:
Set back: job market. To say it stinks is simply an understatement. I pray that the coming month will bring some new positions. We're super excited about the house, but we need ME to have a job so we can pay for it!


Elynor said...

Happy I can see all the photos now! Ah, I'll be in your shoes in a short while. Not looking forward to the job market...then again, it may give me (forced/more) time with my baby girl....

- B said...

WOW! That neighborhood looks SO nice! I definitely want to drive down and see the finished product in the Spring. Hope you find a great job soon. What are you looking for? I know a few ppl in that area. Best wishes for Christmas!

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